Initiative for Persons Infected & Affected (IPIA) in Uganda

Life is a Priority

IPIA was formed by energetic individuals who were passionate about the vulnerable group in community. These combined their different fields of expertise in social work to form the community board organization. Initially they scanned the environment to identify the marginalized group and trace the pressing needs that they sought to address zeroing on the key population as the marginalized group that was found to be infected and affected.

What We Do

We have 4 main thematic intervention program areas with several activities under each program

Human Rights Advocacy

Under this program the organization seeks to promote and advocate for the rights and freedom of the LGBT in our areas of operation. The organization conducts community sensitization and empowerment trainings …

Shelter Provision

After scanning the environment and realized that there are many homeless LGBTQI community members, Initiative for persons infected and affected look for solutions to this problem and came up with implementation of a …

Economic Empowerment program

Under this program, the organization seeks to promote economic empowerment initiative through group saving in order to enable the LGBT living with HIV start up income generating activities so as they can …

HIV/AIDS Health program

The program was formed to reduce on the spread of HIV infection among the key population. We work hand in hand with different organization to reach out …

Our Vision

To develop an accepting and safe space for all MSM and Trans women in Uganda treated with respect and dignity, free from stigma and discrimination and above all an HIV/AIDs free generation.

Our Mission

To improve the standards of living of MSM and Trans women in Uganda and ensure that they sustain their lives in the homophobic environment through providing them with shelter, entrepreneurial, employable and adolescent life skills.

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Initiative for persons infected and affected Ltd (IPIA) is a youth led LGBTQ and SEX WORKERS Community based organization established in 2018 and registered in 2020 /11th/03/ under the laws of Uganda by human rights awareness and promotion forum(HRAPF) as a company limited by guarantee registration No:80020002459850. IPIA was created to support and enable sex workers and LGBQ Community members in creating programs and influence policies in the area of economic empowerment, education, training, and health. The organization promotes, protects, and advances the marginalized group human rights by building leadership, strengthening capacity building and also to support the areas of Kyotera, RAKAI, MASAKA, and MUTUKULA DISTRICT.

Our Shelter Provision Program

We have a non-discriminative shelter to harbor LGBTQI members who are some victims of violations from their families and the homophobic environment. In the due course of staying at the shelter, we equip these individuals with life skills like computer, bakery and tailoring services as an economic empowerment factor.

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