Our Programs

We have 4 main thematic intervention program areas with several activities under each program.
We have registered a number of success and some challenges too …

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Human Rights Advocacy

Under this program the organization seeks to promote and advocate for the rights and freedom of the LGBT in our areas of operation. The organization conducts community sensitization and empowerment trainings in Human Rights to enable them advocate for their rights in the community so as to promote an enabling environment for sex minorities.

  • LGBT members been oriented about their rights and are well versed with them.
  • Many cases have been mitigated and some members have been released from police cells
  • Some of our members have received paralegal training from HRAPF.

  • We still experience unlawful arrests
  • There is still unfriendly legislation that doesn’t favor the existence of LGBT members in the country.
  • There is rampant killing of LGBT members in the community.

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Shelter Provision

After scanning the environment and realized that there are many homeless LGBTQI community members, Initiative for persons infected and affected look for solutions to this problem and came up with implementation of a welcoming and non discriminative shelter to harbor this suffering LGBTQI members who are some victims of violations from their families and the homophobic environment. In the due course of staying at the shelter, we equip these individuals with life skills like computer, bakery and tailoring services as an economic empowerment factor.



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Economic Empowerment program;

Under this program, the organization seeks to promote economic empowerment initiative through group saving in order to enable the LGBT living with HIV start up income generating activities so as they can improve on their standard of living.


  • There is inadequate qualification of many LGBT community members because of failure to complete their education.
  • There is a lot of stigma and discrimination at work where many are isolated at work by fellow employers.
  • Many LGBT members have lost jobs
  • Many LGBT members fear to approach financial institution such as banks.

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HIV/AIDS Health program;

The program was formed to reduce on the spread of HIV infection among the key population. We work hand in hand with different organization to reach out to these people.

  • Through partnership with different organization like TASO and KITOVU MOBILE we have reached to the community grass root by helping each individual.
  • We have offered preventive measure to many marginalized groups like offering them pep and prep tablets, distribution of lubricants and condoms.
  • Carrying out prep sessions on sensitizing the community members

  • The unfavorable environment where we work from limits us to fully provide health services to the members.
  • The limited resources at the organization
  • Stigma and discrimination among the key population members